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Head2Head with (and then we bash New Jersey)

Head2Head with (and then we bash New Jersey). We speak with Mr. Anthony Calandro an NRA advocate and firearms training instructor.

Head2Head with Jeremy Soles, Founder of Contra Group. Contra Group is a Tac-Med Training center that comes to you. Its the most real life engagement for law enforcement departments to trains for real lift Tac-Med situations.

Head2Head with Founder Mr. Eli Crane (As Seen On Shark Tank). This former Navy Seal Team 3 Member tells us his success story and shares some failures along the way. A humble man with a great education in life and business.

Head2head speaks with Retired Army Sgt Adam Keys. His story is inspiring and admirable. We appreciate you and your work Mr. Keys...God Bless.

We are honored to have Rachel Breitag on our show today. She discusses her endeavors and how to get started in Hollywood. She is ver successful and her career has flourished over 15 years of hustling in the business.

Learn about Pro-Am fisherman Matt Luna and his journey through the ranks of bass fishing.

We go Head2Head with Scott Hunter of Practical Defense Initiative. A training resource for weapons and self defense. From entry level training to mid-level tactics, Scott is on point.

LIVE from Cuba!! We talk to current Navy member stationed at GITMO. We discuss the morale of our current military personnel, being deployed, transitioning to the "civilian world," and CIGARS!!!